What if I have my period during the appointment?

It does not matter to me at all! Having your period does not affect the assessment or treatment one bit. The way I see it, a woman’s menstrual cycle is a natural part of life that allows her the potential to create, grow, and give life to another human being. How powerful! Of course, if you are not 100% comfortable with having your period during your appointment you can reschedule to another date.

What should I wear and/or bring?

It really depends on what you are coming in for. If you are coming for a pelvic floor concern (i.e. bladder or bowel control concerns, pelvic organ prolapse, vaginal pain, genital pain, constipation, defecation dyssynergia, tailbone pain, etc.) then, with your consent, assessment and treatment will involve undressing from the waist down for visual examination, internal vaginal and/or rectal examination, and the use of EMG biofeedback using sensors that will be placed on either side of the outside of the external anal sphincter.

If you are coming in for pelvic girdle pain, DRA/separated abdominals, or core training, then shorts or pants that are stretchy will be perfect.

You can bring documentation that you might have from physicians you have seen. You can also call your doctors office and request them to send relevant chart notes and consultation letters to our office before your appointment.

Do I have to wait until after pregnancy or after surgery to come in?

No! Absolutely not! This is a common myth that I am actively working to dispel. Assessment and treatment can begin at any time – whether it is pre-pregnancy, during pregnancypostpartum, or pre-operatively. For pre-pregnancy, I work with clients to assess if their pelvic floor and abdominal technique is correct to prevent (as much as able) incontinence, prolapse, and DRA/separated abdominals

When can I come after the delivery of my baby?

You can come anytime in the postpartum period, and baby is welcome as well! I cannot do an internal vaginal exam if there has been any tearing or episiotomy until 6 weeks postpartum to ensure tissue healing time - BUT I can do Real Time Ultrasound for pelvic floor and abdominals at any time postpartum, as well as EMG biofeedback for pelvic floor (as the electrodes are placed externally near the external anal sphincter). I can also do a visual exam of the pelvic floor, assess for DRA/abdominal separation, and assess the pelvic girdle anytime in the postpartum period.

Can I bring my baby/children?

It is entirely up to you – I am very comfortable working in an environment with children (I have 3 of my own!). Some women find that having children at the appointments can distract from the session, so that may be a deterring factor. Know that you are more than welcome to breastfeed and care for your child(ren) during the appointment and I will be happy to help! I don’t want lack of childcare to prevent you from coming in to get the attention you need to heal your body.

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