... Working with Laura ... allowed me to feel confident and connected with my body again, and after only a few short weeks I was feeling like my old self again. Thank you so much Laura. ”

I was so relieved to find that Laura’s services existed, and she has since become an integral component in my post partum recovery. I came to Laura with mild incontinence, vaginal pain and diastasis recti after my first pregnancy. At the time I was feeling quite anxious about whether or not my body would fully recover in a functional way and feel comfortable again.  From the first appointment I knew I was in good hands. She was incredibly thorough, listened attentively, answered all of my questions and clearly explained her treatment protocols. I started noticing results from day one and I cannot express how grateful I am for her knowledge and skill set.  Working with Laura to heal my pelvic floor was more than just physiotherapy to me.  It allowed me to feel confident and connected with my body again, and after only a few short weeks I was feeling like my old self again.  

Thank you so much Laura. 

— M.M.

I volunteered to submit this testimonial for Laura because I wanted to give something back; she has helped me so much. First, I have total confidence, having been treated by her, that Laura is an expert in her field. As her CV shows, she has had very valuable experience with top professionals here in Canada and this becomes very evident when you talk to her. Of equal importance, however, is her warm and empathetic manner and wonderfully positive personality. I was able relate to her immediately and she makes time to listen and hear it all. Further, I can definitely confirm from painful, personal experience, that the problems she deals with are difficult to raise and discuss, but Laura has such great warmth and openness, I did not find this with her . She is so positive in her approach and you feel she understands where you have been. I have never written a testimonial before but I am a genuine individual in Victoria, writing this one and for very good reasons. At a time when the medical system, despite great doctors, is cruelly slow, it is a life-saver to find someone like Laura. If you have problems in this area, therefore, do not hesitate to take that step - go to see her.
— Lesley
Laura has the unique ability to make you feel comfortable and heard. I went into my appointment feeling disheartened about the changes in my abdominals that I experienced post-baby. After I left my appointment I felt empowered - confident in my diagnosis, assured that I was supported, and armed with the knowledge to regain my strength. Thank you, Laura.
— T.Q.
Laura Werner gave me an understanding of what was wrong with me and totally changed my feeling about my situation. I knew I had a prolapsed uterus and most likely needed surgery. She showed me in detail, with pictures, exactly what a prolapsed uterus was and how the pelvic floor muscles were involved. With her biofeedback machine, she helped me understand what a kegel exercise was and how to do it correctly and even actually see the pelvic floor muscle in action as I did my kegels. She also helped me to know what general exercises were safe for me to do to support my pelvic floor prolapse.

In my opinion, she is perfect for this job. You absolutely know she really cares about helping you. She immediately removes any discomfort, with her kind, understanding, positive and cheery demeanor. She gives 110% in her effort to make you feel comfortable, to help you understand your situation, and Laura does everything she can to help you. I left feeling that this did not have to be the end of the road; that I may not require surgery and that I could possibly fix this problem with kegels. I cannot think of anything else you could ask from a pelvic floor physiotherapist in Victoria.
— CM, February 2016, Victoria, B.C.
Laura is an excellent Physiotherapist who got me through post prostatectomy issues with grace and empathy.
— D.C., February, 2016, Victoria, B.C.